Check your contract with your carrier (Comcast, Optimum, Alteva, Monmouth Telecom, AT&T, Cooperative Communications, etc.) and make sure you're not set up for auto renewal (By default you are).

You will be stuck with that carrier and rate for another year. The penalties to get out of the contract can be extremely expensive and almost impossible to cancel. Rates change frequently. TELX represents many carriers that can offer you competitive rates for your voice and data as well as disaster recovery solutions.

Check you contract today and make sure it’s not setup with auto renewal. I advise sending an email to your carrier requesting that you don’t want auto renewal. Give us a call or send an email 60 days before it ends. I will provide you with a FREE analysis.

What is a LEC/PIC Freeze? Why it can be a bad thing.

A LEC Freeze (Local Exchange Carrier) freeze is an option with your LEC (local phone company) to block your telephone line(s) from being switched to another long distance carrier without your prior authorization. We suggest activating this option, but with the condition the carrier releases the freeze within 24 hours when you decide to switch to a different carrier.

The problem with LEC/PIC freeze is some carriers play hardball by not releasing the freeze in a timely manner or make you jump thru hoops to have it removed. They try any tactic to keep you from leaving. That’s why we suggest contacting your carrier in advance to have it removed, then have it Re-activated when you sign up with the new carrier to prevent unauthorized switching of your lines (otherwise known as slamming)..