6 Critical Updates You Need To Make To Your Existing Voice & Data Contract

6 Critical Updates You Need To Make To Your Existing Voice & Data Contract

Before you sign a contract for voice or data services, you need be certain that you look it over very closely. Frequently there are items that have been included or not included that need to be addressed.

Below we have listed the six imperative items that you need to make sure are in or out of your contract.

Remove Auto-Renewal – Auto-renewal is great for your provider, but not so awesome for you. It is vital that you have any auto-renewal clauses removed. An auto-renewal can keep you locked into a contract that you don’t want any longer.

Remove Unused Lines – Your contract should clearly state that lines that you no longer need are removed. If you don’t have them taken out of the contract, you might end up paying for things that you aren’t going to use.

Include SLA – An SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a contractual clause that tells you exactly what level of service and assistance you can expect. Without an SLA, you might find yourself with expectations for service that your provider will not give you. Without it, you might end up paying for service and assistance that you should have simply received.

Watch the Contract Length – The length of the contract is one of the most important pieces of your service agreement. You will want to make sure that your contract meets with your needs. If you have intentions to expand and your contract is too restrictive, you might find yourself battling with your data or voice provider to make your services work for you.

Business Flexibility – Your contract should accommodate any changes that your business goes through. If it doesn’t and you find yourself in a merger, you might also find yourself paying for a contract that you no longer need. A voice and data services contract, just like every contract you sign, should allow you the flexibility to grow your business any way you want.

‘Termination without Penalty’ clause – A termination without penalty clause will allow you stop your contract any time you need to. More than that, it allows for a level playing field in any future negotiations. If you don’t have that clause, your provider will have you ‘over a barrel’ whenever there is something you try to change.

These six items are frequently forgotten by companies when they are negotiating their voice and data services. We have seen it many times in contracts that have been brought to us.

Please let us know of other items that you have found in your services contracts that you want others to keep an eye out for.