All-in-one IP Convergence PBX A next generation enterprise IP solution, OfficeServ series provides a secure IP convergence, supporting traditional voice communication, VoIP and IP based data communication.

Here is just a sample of the powerful features the system offers

  • Conference bridge (combined up to 23 people in a conference call with crystal clear call quality)
  • Smartphone integration (smart phone App allows the phone to become an extension off the phone system)
  • Unified messaging ( integration of e-mail, SMS, fax, voicemail, video messaging, etc all at your desk top)
  • Service Observing (Secretly monitor employees phone conversations)
  • Call reporting (provides real-time monitoring of all call traffic)
  • Wireless IP phones (offer convenience, as well as great coverage)
  • Computer telephony integration (your PC handshakes with your telephone and integrates with CRM programs)
  • Soft phones (software that loads on your laptop or PC emulating a system telephone)
  • Voicemail to email integration (receive office voicemails to your smart phone and email inbox)
  • Web GUI phone programming (customize programming of your phone via a web browser)
  • Powerful ACD (designed for call centers)
  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) Callers hear recorded announcements while waiting to be answered by the next available rep.
  • 24/7 Recording and logging of phone conversations by extension
  • Transfer and active call from your desk phone to your smart phone seamlessly
  • Certain model Samsung IP phones are both wired and wireless. Simply remove it from your office and connect it to a Wi-Fi connection. Great for travelers or work from home employees

Powerful New Apps

WE VoIP Mobile SIP Client
WE VoIP Mobile SIP ClientWE VoIP is a Mobile SIP Client application that makes your Smart Phone an extension off of the Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series platforms. Make or Receive Calls (Internal or External) Enables outbound calls to either go over the Cellular (voice) network or Wi-Fi (Data) network Transfer Calls, Place Calls on hold, Record Conversation Works in Conjunction with Xchange Supports HD VoiceDownload Brochure
Samsung Xchange
Samsung XchangeSamsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, increasing efficiency and making staff more productive.Download Brochure
OfficeServ Conference Bridge
OfficeServ Conference BridgeThe OfficeServ Conference Bridge provides a fully featured voice conferencing solution for up to 24 simultaneous parties that expands upon the in-built 5 party conference capability on the OfficeServ 7000 range of systems.Download Brochure
OfficeServ Dataview
OfficeServ DataviewOfficeServ Dataview is ideal for call centre environments and organisations requiring reporting, OfficeServ Dataview provides statistical reports, real time monitoring and scheduled reports on the call traffic of a Samsung OfficeServ system using a web-based user interface.Download Brochure
OfficeServ Softphone
OfficeServ SoftphoneEvery time you leave the office, irrespective of distance or geographical location, you can have the comfort and functionality of your office phone right there on your PC, laptop or PDA*. OfficeServ Softphone is a PC-based application for mobile professionals and telecommuters that provides full handset and telephony functionality at the click of a button without the need for a physical phone. Softphone users can log in from home, interstate or overseas across a broadband connection and simulate their office environment with full telephony functionality.Download Brochure
OfficeServ Easyset
OfficeServ Easyset OfficeServ Easyset is an easy to use, web-based application that allows you to configure an OfficeServ handset to your preferred setting at the click of a mouse. With OfficeServ Easyset, users do not need to learn complex system codes that are traditionally used to perform these functions. Download Brochure
OfficeServ Email Gateway
OfficeServ Email Gateway With a simple click of the mouse, the Email Gateway feature gives users the ultimate tool to access and manage all voice, fax and email messages directly from their email inboxes (up to five email destinations available per message.Download Brochure
OfficeServ ACD Call Centre
OfficeServ ACD Call CentreCall Centre is specifically tailored for mid sized organisations or corporate departments requiring a sophisticated customer interaction management solution for 10 to 100 agents. It is designed to enhance customer service levels, lower call abandonment rates, increase staff productivity and accountability.Download Brochure
Multi-Site Networking
Multi-Site NetworkingThe OfficeServ 7000 Series provides desk to desk accessibility across multi-sites, with full feature capability.
Download Brochure
Remote Working Capability
Remote Working Capability The OfficeServ 7000 is an industry leader in the easy deployment of VoIP home-working, providing greater flexibility whilst maintaining control of employees and costs. As well as increasing employee productivity and keeping employees better connected.
Bria Smartphone App
Bria Smartphone AppTake the power of your favorite desktop softphone with you when you're on the move. Leveraging the device’s native contact list or your enterprise’s corporate directory, you can make voice and video calls, send messages and see users’ presence, all in one sleek application.Learn more