TELX is an Authorized Samsung Reseller with extensive installation and support experience. Samsung provides leading technology and software for organizations of all sizes.

Total Project Financing

Bundle installation, insurance, training, warranties, service contract, freight and accessories into one affordable monthly payment with customized lease structures to fit any size company’s needs. New or Used, we can lease it in most cases

1-Page Application only up to $100,000, for most types of equipment

A simple one-page application. No financial statements or tax returns required for qualified customers, as well as decisions usually in less than 24 hours. *Applicants may need to meet certain minimum credit parameters to qualify

Custom Lease Structures

Flexible Lease Terms from as short as 12 months or as long as 60 months Convenient Structured Payments such as Seasonal, Deferred, & Step Payments Multiple Purchase Options to fit any type of lease needs:

  • $1.00 - lease to own, the most popular for new customers
  • 10% - offers the customer a slightly lower payment during the term of the lease with the comfort of a fixed purchase option at the end
  • Fair Market Value- At the end of term, your customer can decide to purchase or return their equipment. This is popular for customer’s looking for a rental

iDCS Series

The iDCS keyset family consists of a 28 button LCD, 18 button LCD and 8 button LCD telephones, a 14 button add-on-module and 64 button console for additional lines. One of the most exciting enhancement is the availability of full duplex speakerphone daughterboard. This enhancement upgrades a SAMSUNG executive telephone set or conference room to a full duplex speakerphone.

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VoIP - SMT iSeries

From maximizing your collective expertise to stretching all available resources, today’s small and midsized businesses need every possible edge. Samsung’s OfficeServ™ SMT-iSeries VoIP telephones can make your business more efficient, collaborative and agile.

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DS 5000 Series

SAMSUNG DS-5000 Series keysets are the perfect choice for crystal clear communications in your small or medium company. Designed to work with SAMSUNG's OfficeServ 100/500 and OfficeServ 7000 Series systems, your DS-5000 family of terminals helps you manage flexible, programmable functions for more efficient call processing.

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Converged Communications Systems

Officeserv 7030
As part of Samsung’s OfficeServ 7000 range of next generation IP solutions, the OfficeServ 7030 Converged Communications Server has exactly the same pedigree, same features and same handsets, but is specifically designed for small businesses that need a sophisticated communications solution that’s also simple to implement and manage.
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Officeserv 7100
The OfficeServ 7100 makes voice calls and send / receive data by using the LAN/WAN modules. The user can use the integrated wired / wireless platform (phones, PCs, servers, mobile phones, or peripherals) to make communications easily.
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Officeserv 7200
The next generation of IP platform is the OfficeServ 7200, providing IP based wired and wireless solution for voice and data communication. OfficeServ is the ideal solution for the future and the present office because it can simultaneously support both traditional voice communication, voice over IP, IP based data communication, and wireless solutions through Wireless LAN.
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Officeserv 7200S
The OfficeServ 7200-S is a converged solution that is expandable in smaller increments to grow in pace with your business. It has all the power and versatility you need at a size and price that's right for you.
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Officeserv 7400
OfficeServ 7000 series provides customer with various opportunities as a complete full line-up of IP convergence systems, from 25 to 500 users. OfficeServ 7000 series provide not only system expandability in combination with each other, but also compatibility among system interface boards.
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