Premise-Based Digital Phone Systems are located at your facility and typically the most affordable because it requires less expensive hardware and can be retrofitted to existing cabling. Additionally, the phones do not take up the resources of the customer's data network. Today's newer operating system meets or exceeds the feature requirements for most businesses.

Premise-Based IP Phone Systems are located at your facility and connects to your Local Area Network (LAN) or its own separate network. IP phones do require category 5E or higher cabling which can be an added expense. IP phone systems do offer more robust HD speaker phones and the flexibility of relocating extensions.

Premise-Based Hybrid Phone Systems are located at your facility and combines both Digital, IP phones and VoIP services. This solution offers a cost savings because digital phones can be installed to existing older style cabling at the main facility and remote digital systems and IP phones can be connected via the internet. Customers also can take advantage of cost savings using VoIP SIP service. (see link)

With (HOSTED) Cloud-Based Service the phone system is located at the carrier's facility. We recommend this solution for companies that have multiple offices (more than 2) and many work-from-home employees spread out geographically. The carrier charges a monthly fee to maintain the phones.(see link)

It's important to know that all four solutions offer similar features and reliability. We will help you make the right choice based on your requirements, cabling infrastructure and budget.

How Do I Get Started with TELX?

TELX provides turnkey solutions including installation, service, remote maintenance, customer support and staff training.


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