Relocating Your Office? TELX Can Help!

Relocating Your Office? TELX Can Help!

Moving a phone system involves a number of considerations.At no cost a qualified TELX representative will visit you at your new or existing facility to discuss your needs, then provide you with a proposal, usually within 48 hours.

At no cost, we will visit your location to determine the following when relocating:

  • Determine if cabling is required for the phones and network devices or can we take advantage of the existing cabling.
  • In most cases there's usually a closet within the office suite that provides power, phone and internet circuits from Telco or Cable company. It will also be the location of the existing phone and network cabling that services the existing office suite jacks Keep in mind that the existing cabling will need to be tested to ensure no surprises when it comes time to hook up your phones and computers. Click Here for a list of our services if any of the above components are missing or you need additional cabling.
  • If the new location is under construction and there's no existing cabling. We can do a walk-through with you or review a floor plan to determine the locations of where you will need computers, printers, phones, fax machines and etc.
  • After the cable has been tested or new cable installed, we can schedule the relocation of your phone system after hours to limit downtime.

Important Things To Know:

What you should consider when cabling your new office for phones and computers

What to consider before relocating your business to a new facility