Transitioning your phones to the cloud can be an affordable alternative to a traditional Premise-based phone system, but it's important to see these links before you decide; (link 1 ) (link 2)

In order to keep costs down, most hosted providers will try to sell you a solution over the phone without ever visiting your location. The phones will be drop shipped to be assembled and installed by your staff. VoIP technology is rarely plug-in-and-play, so be prepared to hire your IT guy at an additional cost to troubleshoot network issues.

TELX provides a turnkey solution which includes; installation, programming and staff training. We offer a free at-your-location consultation and a 3 point on-site VoIP network check list so you can feel confident when deciding if the cloud is right for your business.

Find out how your business can employ this solution two ways; Purchase the phones at a one-time cost and pay monthly for the hosted service or rent the phones monthly in addition to the monthly hosted service.

Why Choose TELX as Your Hosted / Cloud VoIP Partner?

Our FREE 3 Point On-Site VoIP Network Check List

  • Verify that your existing cabling will support IP phones
  • Verify existing switches and Routers will support IP Phones
  • Verify you have adequate bandwidth to support IP Phones

Our on-site visit guarantees clients a successful VoIP solution. Be careful selecting another hosted carrier if they do not provide you this service. Our FREE cost analysis and site survey doesn't end there...

 Our Additional Services Include

  • Installation of Network Cabling
  • Installation and Setting up Phones, Switches and Routers
  • On-Site Training

Rely on Our 30+ Years of Industry Experience

TELX does all the legwork for you. We analyzes your existing communication, internet, and data transfer usage. Once this analysis is complete, a comprehensive, customized proposal is prepared that shows the best Hosted Voip solution for your business. We will also recommend service and equipment changes that will save you money as well.

We Have Partnerships With The Major VoIP Carriers; Including Comcast and Optimum

Our Hosted VoIP carrier partners are located in the Metropolitan area. Each has a unique offering. We’ve worked with them for years, allowing us to quickly determine which partner(s) to use for a particular, "best fit" scenario. Regardless of partner choice, the end result is a hosted solution that is flexible, scalable, secure... and within budget.

Discover the features and functions of a cloud-based VoIP solution by scheduling a free on site demonstration today!

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