Where is your VoIP? – Choosing between Hosted and On Premise VoIP

Now that you have decided to invest in a VoIp Phone System, your next big question is “Will It been located on your premise or on the cloud? Consider the following when making your decision..

Step 1: What is included in the systems that you are considering?

If you compare the features that the systems you are considering offer, you may find yourself guided in a direction regarding the hosting. Some of the features to look at include IVRs, conferencing and queues. In some systems, these features may be included, may cost extra or may simply not be available. It is important ensure that the features that you expect and need are available and are not too expensive.

Step 2: What is the upfront cost of the system that you have chosen?

In general, hosted VoIP has much lower up-front costs, but will have a monthly fee either by user or as a system. On-site server hosted VoIP will likely have higher up-front expenses, but will usually not have a monthly fee. There might be an expense for maintenance and updates. Very often, size is a deciding factor. For businesses that have under 100 employees, hosted VoIP will be an excellent choice. The monthly fee will be reasonable and easy, but this prevents the staff from needing to handle maintenance and upkeep.
For larger companies having the VoIP system hosted on site will solve lots of issues and keep the costs very low. The only concern is that if there are any issues, a maintenance team or help line will need to be right at hand so that the company’s phones aren’t down for too long.

Step 3: What will the system cost you over time?

This follows on the above: Once the system is installed and running how much is it likely to cost over time. Hosted VoIP can be very inexpensive, as long as the company is not too large.

Step 4: How does this system integrate with your current system?

When you look at your current infrastructure, will making this system work with your current system be extremely expensive? This a question that only a professional can answer for you. Don’t assume what those costs are going to be.

Step 5: Can it grow with you?

Since you want your company to grow, it’s very important that you make sure that your system can grow along with you. You don’t want to incur massive expense because you added a number of new phones.
In the end, making a well-thought-out decision on your phone system, deciding whether to choose cloud-hosting or on-site hosting and planning ahead for your growth will likely give you years of great service and help you move your business forward as your business expands.